Dec '14

Dump Last Query in Laravel

Those of you who do much work in Laravel will know that dumping the last query performed can be rather a pain. The classic way is to insert the following after the query you want to inspect:

$queries = \DB::getQueryLog();

However this is awkward, hard to remember, and gives you the bindings separately from the main query, leaving you to recombine them manually. After a little thought I decided the best thing was to write my own function that I could insert into /app/start/global.php and then have available to use from anywhere within my application:

 * Dump last query and exit
function dddb() {
    $queries = \DB::getQueryLog();
    $query_parts = end($queries);

    $query = $query_parts['query'];
    $bindings = $query_parts['bindings'];

    foreach($bindings as $binding) {
            $query = preg_replace('/\?/', $binding, $query, 1);
            $query = preg_replace('/\?/', "'" . $binding . "'", $query, 1);


Now all I have to do is call dddb(); from anywhere within my code to get the complete last executed query. No fuss, no pain :)

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