I am a thirty-something designer and builder of web and mobile applications based in Whitchurch, Shropshire. I am passionate about writing awesome code, taking advantage of all the latest technological advances, and finding new and interesting approaches to the challenges that get thrown at me.

I spent five years as an engineer with the BBC, before deciding that code was what I loved and pursuing a career in the web world. More than a decade on from that point I have amassed tons of experience in a variety of programming languages building everything from advanced e-commerce systems and data warehouses to compliance software, HR management systems and accountancy packages. I love the variety of the projects that come my way, I relish new challenges and I have a real passion for delivering top quality products.

I’ve worked with several large clients including the BBC, Astra Zeneca, LeisureMost and QUIQSOLUTIONS along with helping many smaller organisations make the most of their own corner of cyberspace.

Outside of the normal working life I am the proud father of two young sons (plus a Basset and five Giant African Land Snails!) and am an avid crafter, medieval re-enactor, camper-van enthusiast and home-educator.