Jun '12

‘jQuery.handleError is not a function’ Issues

I have no problems using jQuery plugins that are rather old, if they are well written and efficient for my purpose. However jQuery hasn’t maintained complete backwards-compatibility throughout it’s life, notably when in version 1.5 the ‘handleError’ function was removed.
It is very simple to put in a patch for older plugins that still use this function – just extend jQuery and add the function back in yourself. If you don’t care about the error messages you can just add an empty function block but I prefer to use something like this to give me a better clue about the errors I might be dealing with:

	handleError: function( s, xhr, status, e ) {
		// If a local callback was specified, fire it
		if ( s.error )
			s.error( xhr, status, e );
		// If we have some XML response text (e.g. from an AJAX call) then log it in the console
		else if(xhr.responseText)

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